Monday, October 30, 2006

Nothing better to do!!!

Hey freaks out there, it has been more than a month my blog went RIP again. I actually been very freaking lazy to get my blog updated =P. The reason why i update my blog is because i am pretty bored in my office. For your information, I've moved to a new company since 16th October, HP Tower located in Damansara Height. What impressed me the most is the lightweighted workload, just follow the procedures in the prepared process document and do it, so the steps are "Monitor-Follow-Do,Monitor-Follow-Do,Monitor-Follow-Do". More likely a chain. Meanwhile, I kinda like this job rather than giving stupid ERP support to fussy customers like how previously I suffered. Well, my main reason of leaving my previous company is the boss problem.

In HP operation support department, shifts are divided into 2 sessions which are day/night sessions. In fact, 2 weeks in day shifts while another 2 weeks in night shifts(per month). Today is my very first day of working in night shift, I can't keep my eye lid open and I felt very sleepy *ARGH.....* I'm physically in the office but mentally sleeping at home *LOL* not even a cup of coffee could stay me awake, but in fact, I'm already immune to coffee *LOL*but somehow, I'd make a promise to stop drinking coffee so I would not drink no matter what.

Starting from tomorrow onwards, I better make sure to bring along ear phone and some MP3 cds to listen in the office to avoid myself from sleeping. Well, that's concluded my task today =P ciao~

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

My Big Day !!!

17th September 2006 is MA BIG BIG DAY. Woke up very early in the morning to get myself prepared for the Graduation Ceremony @ Renaissance Hotel, Jalan Ampang. I was very nervous in the morning, dunno why maybe it's because that is the moment i'm waiting for after studying in APIIT for more than 3 years, which is the biggest day happen only once throughout my life. Guess what, a night before Jin has taught me to wear the gown but hell, i forgotten the way to wear it the next morning, how noob i am *LOL*. By the way, big thanks to her for helping me get the tie tied up nicely =P *Damn, i'm so noob till don't even know how to tie a tie*

After that my family and I straight headed to Renaissance Hotel. Upon arrival, I noticed that the elevator is out of service. My parent are forced to walk all the way to the top floor on their own feet *SuX Big Time*.

Once i entered the Grand Ballroom, everybody was very busy taking photos, some of them were actually wearing the gown and not forgetting the ladies were heavily put on their make up. Yes, it was only once in a lifetime where u dressed up the Boooootifullest as u can and snap as many pictures as u can, keep as remembrance.
Without wasting time, i was quickly being assisted by Ms Julie(Admin) to wear the gown, hood and PHD hat =P

Along the graduation ceremony, i sweated like nobody business after long hours of wearing the heavy gown, not forgetting i'm having a blazer underneath =.=" and the most tulan is the PHD hat messed up my nicely done up hair =P after i put so much effort in the morning to gel them up *ARGH*

Below are some snapshot pictures taken during my convocation:

The grand ballroom entrance
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My beloved mum & dad
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Me & Xiven
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Me & Fanny
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Me & Joanne
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I'm holding Tze Loong's flower, is so gay =P
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My buddies *U guys ROX*
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Special thanks to you.....
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It is the GREATEST day of my life I must say. Shall I have another day like this in my life ever again ? *Hmmmm...........*

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Rise of the Dead

HooOOOO~ I'm back to the earth again after being inactive for......Let's compare the previous post date. It was from 29th April 2005 till 12 September 2006. More than a year my blog being left untouched. Well, it's time to get my readers a little update from me.

Throughout the past one year, lots of ups and downs happen to me and my circle of friends. Let me summarize what had happen to me over the year.

Well, let's starts off with my most valueable asset in life, which is my car. I got the Mitsubishi GSR engine transplanted during the 6th day of Chinese New Year. The whole transplant process took about 1 week to complete. In case for some of you does not know about the engine, it was originally from Mitsubishi that cut over to Malaysia and sell it as halfcut. I left my car in the workshop for a week, made me worrying as day by day passes by. So I made up my mind that i went to visit my car everyday from morning till night, watching the whole transplant process from head to toe.

Below are the sample snapshot taken during transplant process.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

After Transplant
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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

That's all updates from my car. Currently boosting at 0.8bar *Grin*

Little update from my circle of friends. Vincent just came back from UK last month after graduated from ........(Sorry i forgotten ur uni name *Suckedkerz* *LOL*).Anyway, i'm glad he came back to pay us a visit before he go back to continue his master programme. Guess what, he joined Marie France Bodyline *LOL* to get himself shaped up like Christy Chung,*LOL LOL LOL LOL* well, that's not true. He actually got himself motivated to do daily exercises and gym to get himself shaped up. We (me, Chip, Fragtista, Incredible Seng and Kan(Rape) Yin Wei) had several yamcha sessions together with Vincent. Chit chatting the way of his life in UK and update us not forgetting about Henry and Adrian who are also Vincent's companions in UK. The funniest part of the story is Vincent actually recorded a scene with Henry and Adrian back in UK. Vincent copied and acted exactly like Man Chee Leong(not sure whether u know this guy, but previously he is a famous actor in HK TVB drama)in a show that he actually giving an advice to his follower. While Vincent had Henry as the camera man and Adrian act as Vincent's follower and become a good listener. Vincent prepared himself with Man Chee Leong scripts(That sux big time) *LOL*. He showed us the scene and we laughed like nobody business. Too bad, he had to leave us by 13th September 2006 back to UK to continue his study. Well, we had a good time when u are around. Safe journey my friend.

As for myself, i got myself a job in an IT company as a Application Engineer to handle ERP. ERP stands for Enterprise Resources Planning which used to document daily manufacturing workflow such as creating a customer order, customer quotation, calculate Bill-of-Material(BOM), calculate cost and etc. Apparently my job scope is just to customize an ERP application. But my Head of Department(HOD) went over the line, I got to go outstation to handle customer support and train them to use ERP application(That's boring). There are still a lot to tell about my job but I need to put a stop here, too much to complain *Sigh*.

About my love life, well...nothing much to tell here. Sorrow and dull. But still Single and Available *LOL* But around my circle of friends, my own analysis showed that more than 10 broke up cases happen during last month and this month. Isn't that weird? It eventually prevent me of starting a new relationship with another girl. But hell yeah, who cares! They do not handle the relationship well but who knows I will handle with extra care?(Promoting myself)*LOL*

Alrite, that's all for now. To be continue in the next update -Ciao-

Friday, April 29, 2005

Watashiwa Takahashi Ryousuke !!!

Ryousuke.  Cold.  Mysterious.  Calculating.  A true winner.
You fear none but the infamous Fujiwara Tofu Hachi

Which Initial D Character Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Got this site from a blog of a friend of mine called Wei Ming No doubt about it I'm a skillful, mysterious, calculating at every angle of a racer, an expert advisor , last but not least I'm a true winner.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Thank God !!! I'm saved....

I'm too lazy to update my blog for days. Well, quite a number of unexpected unfortunate event happened on me over a week.Let's started with my college activities first.

I've been selected as a leader in AOOM project and also given me a secretary to help out of writing paper work such as preparing minutes or meeting, taking down important notes and etc.However, i noticed that 2 out of 6 members are not contributing in the project meeting.They are late for any of a meeting been held, mute during meeting and not giving any fresh idea in the project at all.From those points above it's clearly noticed that they are not get themselves involved into this project.Among the 2 idiotics, 1 of them really don't give me face by disappearing as fast as he could just right after the meeting dismissed.He's like rushing to the end of the world that no one could stop him.Well, if that's the case then be it, i'm not interested working with that kind of people.The group won't fall into deep drain without him, at least i still have another 3 members are here to help me out. I appreciate that, *thanks guys*

Let's jump to the worst group member that ever formed and turned up i'm the one working with these another 2 idiotics in PMMT course. These 2 guys are THE WORST of all compared to my 2 AOOM's group members that i've mentioned above. Both of them really not helping me in finishing off the PMMT proposal which supposed to hand up today in APIIT.Whenever i gave them work to finish off in a given timeframe, either they do not hand up or turned up giving me a lame excuse saying "FORGET TO DO".Now i know how powerful these words are, i'll remember these words for the rest of my life in APIIT. Till then, i couldn't stand on it and blasted both of them off like holding a chainsaw cutting tree trunks violently.They pissed me off to the maximum i could say.After that, i finished off the proposal on my own without letting them to know what i'm writing in the proposal.*THANK GOD* i managed to get this proposal done on time.

Fine, let's put academic aside.It's time for me to update something besides academic.Hmm...that day went to Teh Tarik Session in Subang Jaya(Near Taipan) with 4gtuners members.During the session, i've learnt a lot of stuffs about cars and get to know more of them especialy TombStone and Andrew KE70(that's what i called him coz he's gonna perform a drift session after getting his Toyota KE70 from workshop).After that i tested the TRUE POWER of 4g91 turbo from alvin's car boosting at 0.8~0.9 bar.I felt the force pulling my body in the car.I wonder if his car can beat Archangel's 1.8GSR turbo.During the end of the TT session, there are local actors performing illegal drag race in the highway, starring ME,Tze Loong and Jian Kien entitled 3 FAST 3 FURIOUS. 3 of us sped off the highway until a bumpy corner where i skidded a little bit at high speed and nearly ram on a concrete divider.Damn, i was damn scared ever since then.Don't ever sped at hard corner, it may cost your life.I learnt a lesson and it really gave me a unforgetable moment.But then, *THANK GOD, U saved my life*

Thursday, April 14, 2005

A Day Before Supervisor Clinic

I woke up at 1pm today with fresh mood.After taking my breakfast and lunch at once, I'm quickly jumped in front of my computer screen and start brainstorming session on completing the Project Proposal Form(PPF) which suppose to be hand up to my Supervisor.

*ArghHhHhH* What a day! I've been worrying about meeting my supervisor tomorrow.I'm so stressed up to prepare the PPF form today.After hours of doing it with sweats dropping from head to toe, finally I'm done with it.Then installed Visual 2003 which was bought by Tze Loong few days ago.Damn, the program consumed too many spaces until my hard disk drive couldn't stand on it.Maybe due to too many rubbish in my drive.Filtered and deleted those files which unused to give more spaces to my drive and finally 2003 works well.

I've been looking at the computer screen the whole day today.I felt the pain in my eyes, scared my vision will be even more blur with high increase of power that shoot up in the sky.Crossed my fingers to hope everything goes well after the Supervisor Clinic.

Well, I'm off now.Ciaoz~

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Kalai SuXoRz !!!

Well, incase for those of you who don't recognize him i'm here to drop by to say that he's a god damn son of a B*t*h lecturer in APIIT as i mentioned before in previous post.It happens in the class today where he gave lectures regarding XML thingie.But before he starts the lecture, he brought up a lesson for students who not organizing themselves who complaint that they couldn't finish the heavy workload of DWA(Dynamic Web Application) project.Kalai gave a counterattack to the students that they couldn't finish the project because students don't organized their schedules and timetables properly.He added that being a well organized people like him(pointing himself) always bring a well documented file which he kepts every single lecture material into the file and bring it along where ever he goes.All of a sudden Ryan came up and sounded...

Ryan: Sir, nothing can beat technologies !! That's why technologies are meant for...
Kalai: Technologies won't work sometimes...
Kevin(ME): What if u left the file elsewhere ?
Kalai: There's no way i can left it somewhere(*very proud*)
Kevin(ME): (*Speechless*)

So the morale of the story is to bring a file where ever u go <--Totally Unacceptable

After that, there's another reason why students couldn't finish off the DWA project on time because he complaint that students were very lazy.He added that none of the students print out the notes / tutorials given in AOCC.Do you know that there are total of 10 - 15 links with each link provides uncountable number of pages ??? Damn it, he's expecting us to print that much of pages out.It's too costly to print out in hardcopy.I rather read it in front my monitor screen.He's really a crazy AsShOlE......

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